When people are looking for a significant other, they often try to find someone whose values, education, earnings, hobbies and even height match their own. But new research suggests there’s one promising feature for finding a committed partner that most daters don’t think about — credit scores.

A credit score is a number that is supposed to reflect the risk of lending money to someone, based mostly on their history of borrowing, repaying and defaulting on debt. Banks have long used credit scores to evaluate customers, but these days potential employers, landlords, insurance companies, cellphone companies and many other businesses do, too.

The researchers found that credit scores — or whatever personal qualities credit scores might represent — actually play a pretty big role in whether people form and stay in committed relationships. People with higher credit scores are more likely to form committed relationships and marriages and then stay in them. In addition, how well matched the couple’s credit scores are initially is a good predictor of whether they stay together in the long term.

The Daily Herald analyzed a large proprietary data set of 12 million randomly selected U.S. consumers from the credit-reporting agency Equifax over a period of about 15 years. They found that people with higher (i.e viagra deutschland. better) credit scores are more likely to form a committed relationship.

The researchers also found that having higher credit scores when they started the relationship meant that couples were less likely to separate over the next few years. In fact, for every extra 100 points in the couple’s average credit score when beginning the relationship, their odds of splitting in the second year fell by around 30 percent.

The research also shows that it’s not just the level of the credit score that is important, but the difference between the couple’s scores. Specifically, the closer the two parties’ credit scores are to each other, the more likely they were to stay together in the long run..

Finally, the researchers believe that credit scores might reflect something deeper about a significant other’s personal qualities and relationship skills. “We argue that one such skill could be an individual’s general trustworthiness and commitment to non-debt obligations,” the researchers write, using language that would make a great Valentine’s Day card from an economist.

While they may not seem very romantic, credit scores are a bizarrely good indicator of whether a couple will find lasting love. However, there are a couple of practical issues to using a credit score to evaluate a potential mate.

We have all heard of the popularity of online dating these days but what many sites fail to do is inquire about the person’s financial situation. With the importance of credit scores and online dating, will match you based on your financial compatibility.

For the most part, it’s not about numbers, it’s about financial values and how you handle a difficult situation, and credit scores can be a great indicator of that.